Ingleton, North Yorkshire, LA6 3HB


Tel : 015242 41363 Established 1971



Trade Sales.


We welcome enquiries from trade customers. It is our policy to only supply one outlet per town, to ensure exclusivity of our range.


If you are interested please feel free to ring, write or e-mail us for a current Trade price list.



Workshop visits


Workshop visits may be arranged for parties of up to 20 people including school parties, Young Farmers’ groups, works outings, Special Needs groups, etc.


These can range from a quick tour of the pottery, with 2 or 3 of the party making a pot on the wheel, to an in-depth technical visit, discussing and explaining techniques and methods.





Where does your clay come from? We blend it ourselves from grey stoneware clay, 2 kinds of fireclay, ball clay, porcelain clay and a few other ingredients that will enable it to take temperatures up to 1300 degrees Centigrade (2372 degrees F.) It’s mostly "Spavin" or "Seat earth" clay, from between the coal seams in Staffordshire, and was laid down three hundred and ten million years ago! When fired, it is incredibly tough.


What temperature do you fire to? First firing (biscuit) 1050°C…. second firing (glaze) between 1280 and 1300°C, depending on the position in the kiln.


Are your pots porous? Definitely not!…at our temperatures, both the clay and the glaze is fully vitrified


Will the colours wash off? No, the colouring oxides are bonded to the clay in the first firing, and are underneath the glaze. To get to the colour you have to break the pot!


Do your jugs pour well? Do me a favour!…I’ve been making jugs for thirty-nine years. They are the best pourers you’ll see!…don’t confuse us with the many "night-school" potters, who seem to be setting up everywhere!


Are your casseroles ovenproof? Up to 1300° Celsius!....and dishwasher and microwave safe too!


How long are the pots in the kiln? First firing, 2 days, second firing, 3 days.


Can I have a piece of clay, please? Yes!


Does the cat ever break anything? Just wind! ....She adopted us 6 years ago, and is extremely graceful and careful walking around.


Have you been here all your life? Not yet!


Do you enjoy your job still? Yes, apart from all the daft questions!


If you have any other questions email us at : ingleton.pottery@gmail.com